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Case Study: #VuDieuJnT The impressive communication hit between J&T Express and TikTok

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the global economy, especially the service-shipping sector. Enterprises are faced with vital challenges, solving the problem of maintaining their operations in the vital context. This is also a "test" for businesses in Vietnam, requiring solidarity from the operating division, sharp vision from the financial sector and the creative will of the marketing team before the "holy spirit. century ”.

With the central goal of spreading the brand message in the Vietnamese market, courier brand J&T Express cooperated with the TikTok team to launch the #VuDieuJnT marketing campaign.

The general vision, the advertising strategy is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: #TikTokBEATLivestage

The first offline & online live music event on TikTok social network in 2020. A week before the event, the implementation team announced a teaser in the form of TikTok's In-Feed Voting Card - One of the first ads that TikTok uses for Vietnamese market. With voting card format, users will be free to propose answers to questions that the organizers want to hear: Who is the person you want to meet at TikTok Beat Livestage?

The keyword "BEAT Livestage" became a popular keyword during the week after the event when BEAT Livestage was the first event to bring together more than 100 TikTokers - new generation content creators, with extremely popular celebs. Hot: Duc Phuc, Bao Anh, Ngo Kien Huy, Quan AP, Amee, Quang Dang, ...

Phase 2: #VuDieuJnT

J&T Express continues to launch the #VuDieuJnT continuation campaign on the Tik Tok social network platform. The dance inspired by the daily dynamic deliveries of the J&T Express shipper team on the ear-catching vinahouse music is extremely hilarious. Since then, the team wishes to invite everyone to join in the clip and share #VuDieuJnT during the social gap.

#VuDieuJnT was performed at the BEATLivestage stage

The implementation team was really surprised with the unexpected results:

- In just nearly a week, courier brand J&T Express and TikTok's campaign attracted more than 183 million video views, 34.7 thousand creators and 60 thousand videos were shared.

- Even more amazing, when the campaign ends, there are 10.4 million interactions from the community.

- After nearly 30 days of implementation, #VuDieuJnT recorded 343.5M concurrent views with #VuDieuRuaTay 210.2M views.

Become a case study on TikTok Global Website:

#TikTok #BEATLivestage #JnT #VuDieuJnT


  • Project management – Thi Vũ Phi Bảo

  • Client: J&T Express – Thương hiệu chuyển phát nhanh quốc tế.

  • Partner: TikTok, Blue Agency Vietnam, DMV Agency.

  • Phạm vi triển khai: Toàn quốc

Thi Vũ Phi Bảo

Strategic Planner – J&T Express Việt Nam

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